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Skiing with the World Champion

Would you like to improve your skiing technique, get some tips from a professional ski racer or are you looking for a ski guide that shows you the most beautiful corners of the ski resort Sölden?

This is the right place. Andre Arnold has 4 World Ski Championships titles and as true “Sölder”, he knows the ski resort only too well.

Please contact us soon enough if you are interested. We are happy to help with any questions.

About Andre Arnold

4x professional ski world champion and most successful ski pro ever.

Already in the 70s and 80s he recognized the way from classic skiing to carving with his special ski preparation. He has won many hundreds of a second by sticking his hands to the target and inventing a technique that is still used by most participants today after more than 20 years in the World Cup.

After an injury-related early end of his career, he hit the coaching track and found his fulfillment in the Ski Racing Camps. Later Austrian Junior World Champions, Senior World Champion and World Cup runners such as Maria Riesch were at his school.